Ways to Make Sure the Love for Rummy Doesn’t Die Away

April 24, 2019 By King

Ways to Make Sure the Love for Rummy Doesn’t Die Away

Many games have died away in the past few decades because of the changing lifestyles. Being an avid rummy fan, you may want to know how you can contribute to rummy love and make sure the game does not die away like its counterparts. So, here we have listed out tips for all Indian rummy fans:

Organise Rummy Get-Togethers Offline

It is never a bad idea to plan a get-together for rummy enthusiasts. It would be fun to organise a competition of 13 cards rummy game at home. While just a game may not sound as interesting, if you include a few snacks and drinks, it will add to the fun. Create an invitation list of all rummy enthusiasts in your locality at least a week before the get-together. Invite them to the party and tell them what all they can expect there. This may entice them to join the fun.

Invite Friends to Join Rummy Tournaments Online

There are many interesting apps like Khelplay Rummy that make an effort to keep the love for rummy alive. They launch exciting rummy tournaments online with interesting prizes in cash and kind. You can spread information about such online tournaments to your friends and people in rummy circles. You can tell them how to win money playing games online. This will not just encourage them to join but also help them spread the word in their own circles.

Crack Jokes and Share Quotes Related to Rummy on Social Media

Rummy love is not all about just playing the games and making money. Sometimes, it is your involvement in the game and your love for it that matters. There couldn’t be a better way to express your love for these games than to share some jokes around your favourite game. You may also share some whacky and interesting quotes that only rummy lovers would truly appreciate. You may share these on Facebook pages or groups of people who enjoy Indian rummy online games and have ability to appreciate the same.

Encourage Newbies to Learn the Game Better

Just keeping the spirits high in rummy circles is not enough. You should also show the enthusiasm to encourage newcomers to join the circles. They may still not be familiar with the game and you need to help them out with their queries. You may acquaint them with Khelplay Rummy app and suggest them to choose 13 card rummy game free download for android so that they can practice the game. Once they are well acquainted with the game, you can invite them to online tournaments so that you have company to relive the excitement.

Launch Facebook Watch Events for Rummy Informative Videos

Social media is the best medium to reach out to people today. You can make rummy lovers proud by sharing information regarding rummy through interesting videos. You can invite other rummy enthusiasts to watch the video on Facebook. This is a great way to keep the rummy enthusiasts involved and enjoy a feeling of oneness.

Organise Quizzes to Test Knowledge of Rummy Enthusiasts

A good rummy player will always enjoy putting his knowledge of rummy to test. While tournaments and rummy sessions are a great way to do this, they would like something different too. You can organise a rummy quiz online and challenge the experts in the game to a few tricky questions related to rummy. They will surely fall for the bait and join the quiz with all enthusiasm. To make the quiz challenging, you may include questions in the following categories:

    • About the origin of rummy
    • About the rules of different variations of rummy

  • About the terms used in rummy

  • About the sequences and sets in rummy

You can make the quiz even more challenging by including different levels of difficulty. You may decide for just one winner or multiple winners. If you are expecting a large number of participants for such quizzes, you must include more than one prize.

There are countless rummy lovers in India today. It is not surprising that rummy remains the top choices even among online card games in India. You can contribute to the love for rummy in the small ways mentioned above.