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How to Deal with Someone Hogging the Sheets

Everyone needs sleep, and it can’t get any more perfect when you’re snuggled deep under comfortable blankets and sheets. Yet, most couples who share a bed with each other will reach a point of having to cope with the issue of one or the other hogging the sheets in the middle of the night. The sooner you’re aware of what to do, the sooner you’ll get back to a comfortable night’s sleep!

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Focusing on the Covers

  1. Steal back those monopolized sheets and covers. Try to pull the sheet or covers back onto you gently but firmly. A few tugs back toward your side of the bed might suffice. If not, perhaps getting out of bed and lifting up the entire sheet and covers and draping them back over both of you might be all that’s needed. If your partner is well asleep, they may simply subconsciously rearrange their sleeping position to cope with the restored covers arrangement.

  2. Be prepared for difficulties, however! There are several potential downsides to attempting this “gentle shift” of the covers back toward you:
    • Depending on how they have managed to end up with all the sheet and covers, you might find out that they wrapped themselves in a “burrito wrap”. Unfurling this is probably about as easy as unwrapping a mummy, only weightier. Unless you’re strong and gentle in just the right balance, this could end up in a tangle, with a grouchy awoken partner alongside you.

    • You may also find your partner stealing the sheet and covers back after you’ve shifted them. This can go on repeatedly, ending up in a “gimme back my covers” struggle throughout the night. Hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep!

  3. Purchase a bigger flat sheet and cover, or even multiple covers. Discuss the issue with your significant other first and explain what has been happening at night; be kind, as many people don’t realize their strength when asleep and cold! Buying flat sheets and covers that are larger than your mattress size is not unusual by any means and is an excellent way around the problem of both bed users wanting to snuggle into lots of the cover. Indeed, bedding suppliers often stock separate flat and fitted sheets, just for this reason, to allow you to fit the mattress correctly but use a larger flat sheet on top.

    • For example, if you have a queen size bed, purchase a king size flat sheet and duvet/blanket/other bedding covers. All that extra length at the sides turns into separate snuggle zones!
  4. Alternatively, buy separate covers. This solution means that both of you will have your own covers, even if the sheet is hogged. Extra covers ensure you that the other person won’t be able to steal the entire amount of warm bedding and you will still have something left to cover yourself with.

Getting Closer

  1. Snuggle up with your partner. Try to wedge yourself inside the sheets behind them, so that you can actually get some cover. This is great for free heat exchange, and it’ll keep both of you snug. Be sure to pull your pillow close too, so that you’re not pushing your partner’s head off their pillow.

    • If your partner is in a deep sleep, be careful! They may not realize you’re so close and might accidentally elbow you when shuffling in their sleep.
    • Overheating, pins and needles or difficulty with breathing can ensue if you’re stuck in an awkward position or up too close with your partner under all those covers! Shuffle back to your spot if you’re uncomfortable.

Nudging Your Partner

  1. Wake up your partner, but not in a way that disturbs their sleep. You may give them a gentle nudge, just to help shift them out of their deep sleep. Then, quickly take your chance at getting the sheet and covers back while they’re shuffling and drifting back to sleep.

Rearranging the Beds

  1. Push two smaller beds together. As the very last resort, if you’re both experiencing severe bed issues, this may be the way to go to solve it. Each one of you will be guaranteed the same bed area needed for a perfect night’s sleep and you’ll each successfully have the exact amount of sheet and covers without having to worry about any more hogging.

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  • If you’re not into getting separate sheets, tuck a good amount of sheet underneath you and use your body weight on it. This will make it harder for the other person to steal back the covers.
  • Always talk about the issue when it first starts out. Don’t wait until it becomes a severe issue and then finding yourself using, “Well, this has been going on for some time”, as a defensive ploy in your favor. Many people don’t realize it happens in the first place.
  • Consider keeping a sleeping bag on standby for really cold nights!

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