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How to Make a Duct Tape Pencil Case

Do you have some colorful duct tape left over after making a wallet or other project? Why not use it to create and decorate your own custom pencil case? These also make creative gift ideas and it is very simple!!

Edit Steps

  1. Gather the pens and pencils you’d like to carry in your case. You can make this design to size, if you know what size you’d like.
  2. Choose two colors of duct tape. You can do this project in just one color, but if you have a second color, you can make a contrasting liner. We’ll call the two colors the liner color (shown here in green) and the cover color (shown here in blue). If you want you can personalize it, try using different colors of tape, stickers, craft foam and pipe cleaners.
  3. Make a piece of duct tape fabric that is a little wider than your selection of pens and pencils. Put the liner color on one side and the cover color on the other side. The liner color should be about the width you want the finished pencil case. The cover tape should about about half an inch or 1-1.5cm wider than the liner tape.
    • Make this fabric 2-3 times as long as the longest pencil you want to hold. You can trim the length later.
  4. Trim or arrange the cover tape so that it extends about half an inch or 1-1.5cm to either side of the liner duct tape, and leave the sticky side of the cover tape exposed. Trim the edges straight or use the edges of the tape, since you will fold these sides in later to create a border around your liner.
  5. Fold the bottom end up to form the pocket. Trim the bottom end straight across and cover it with another piece of tape, if you wish. Cut off the sticky flaps up to the fold. Don’t stick it yet.
  6. Make an upper strap or loop. You could bring the lower pocket all the way up, or you could fold a strip of tape in three and put it near the top. If you want to clip pens over this strip or the pocket, line up the pens and see where the clip falls. Trim this strip to the width of the liner color and set it loosely in place.
  7. Fold up the bottom pocket again.
  8. Fold the sticky side flaps in and stick them down over both the bottom pocket and the upper loop. Fold them evenly, the length of the fabric.
  9. Put your pens or pencils in the pocket and check the size. When working with duct tape, you can lift it for the first few days. After that, don’t count on changing anything.
  10. Fold the top flap down. Decide where you want the fold. You may want to leave a little extra length in case you ever get a pen or pencil that’s a bit taller than the ones you have now.
  11. Trim the end of the top flap so that it will stick into the bottom pocket. The easiest way is to cut a straight line on a slight angle, but if you want to cut a bit of a curve, you can.
  12. Fold short pieces of tape over the sides and end of the flap and any exposed edges. If you curved the end of the top flap, you’ll need to cut little slits in the duct tape on one side to relieve it so it will stick flat. Here, there’s another bit of tape to line the tab
  13. Reinforce the bottom of the pocket with another piece of tape if you want.
  14. Put your pens and pencils in the case, fold the flap over, tuck it in, enjoy and have fun!

Edit Tips

  • One way to cut a fairly straight edge on duct tape is to stick it to your table so it hangs over the edge. Guide the scissors along the edge of the table.
  • You can also use this to hold your makeup or beauty utensils.
  • When you’re finished, you can get the “stickem” off the scissors and the table by pressing one more strip of duct tape against it and pulling it off, also you could use it for knitting needles.
  • It’s a bit more work, but if you know how to sew, you could make a similar pouch out of fabric. Try that chunk of denim you cut off your old jeans to make shorts. You don’t need a liner fabric, but if you want one, use a piece of thin, woven cotton, thinner than denim.
  • If you want to make a bigger one add more duct tape to make it wider and store erasers in the bottom pocket or add another one.
  • This is also useful for school pencils and pens. It won’t fit much, but if you wanted to put a couple of pencils and a pen in there for just one specific class then it would work perfect!
  • Make one for your crochet.

    Make one for your crochet.

    This case is also excellent for carrying a selection of crochet hooks and a tapestry needle. It could make crochet a regular part of your travel craft kit.

Edit Warnings

  • Use appropriate caution when choosing work spaces. Duct tape is very sticky and will leave a sticky residue if left on surface for too long.
  • Use appropriate caution when working with scissors.

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How to Make a Gameboy or DS Case with Duct Tape

With duct tape craft mania still in full throttle, it only seems fitting to make yourself a Gameboy or DS case from duct tape too! It’s a strong and protective case that will keep your Gameboy or DS snug inside. Choose any color you like and get sticking!

Edit Steps

Wrapping the Gameboy or DS

  1. Get your Gameboy or DS.

  2. Beginning just below the cartridge slot, start wrapping the Gameboy or DS with duct tape, one wrap at a time, sticky side facing out.

    • Avoid wrapping too tightly. You want to still be able to slip the Gameboy or DS in and out of the case when needed.
  3. Continue wrapping. Let each new strip to overlap the previous one slightly.

Creating the Case

  1. Make the base. Once you have reached the bottom, put a strip of duct tape over the bottom, sticky side facing out.

  2. Cover the corners for a smooth finish.

  3. Strengthen the structure. Start applying duct tape, sticky side facing down, in vertical strips on the Gameboy or DS.

  4. Once you have done that, do it again cleanly with horizontal strips. This will give the case that leathery feel.

    • You can cut slits into the front for the screen, buttons, power, and volume.

Adding Finishing Touches

  1. Make the strap. Cut about a foot/30cm of duct tape. Fold it in half lengthwise. Fold it in half crosswise. Add an extra inch/2.5cm of tape at the end to be able to attach the strap.

  2. Attach the strap to the case. It’s now complete!

Edit Tips

  • Original metallic duct tape gives a shiny look.
  • Stores like Rite Aid Aid, Micheal’s, and Staples carry colored duct tape. You can use this if you don’t like the idea of ‘plain old grey’.

Edit Warnings

  • Avoid sticking duct tape to the actual Gameboy or DS. It will stick fast and it will be hard to remove both the tape and its residual stickiness.

Edit Things You’ll Need

  • Duct tape (color of choice)
  • Game Boy/Game Boy Color/DS of any type
  • Scissors

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