How to Draw a Spider

Learn how to draw a spider by following this step-by-step tutorial.

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Method One: A Cartoon Spider

  1. Draw a small circle for the spider’s head and add a bigger circle for the body.

  2. Draw two oblongs in front of the head for the pedipalps.

  3. Draw four zigzag lines on one side of the spider for its legs.

  4. Draw the same zigzag lines on the opposite side of the spider.

  5. Draw two small circles for the eyes of the spider.

  6. Darken the outline for the spider’s body.

  7. Draw the spider’s legs using the zigzag lines as guide.

  8. Make the spider hairy by sketching short small strokes on its head and body. Darken the spider’s eyes.

  9. Erase unnecessary lines and color the drawing.

Method Two: A Simple Spider

  1. Draw an oblong for the spider’s body. Sketch a square shape with soft edges for the head.

  2. Draw four curved lines extending away from the spider’s body. Leave markers on the spider’s legs using circles and small lines for later guide in drawing the details of the legs.

  3. Repeat the same steps in Step 2 for the opposite side of the spider’s body.

  4. Add details to the spider’s body and head. Draw the spinnnerets on the rear part of the spider’s body.

  5. Add details to the spider’s legs by thickening it to add volume and note that its legs are separated in segments.

  6. Copy the same steps you did for the legs, on the opposite side.

  7. Draw the spider’s eyes using tiny circles and the pedipalp by sketching a protruded shape anterior to the head.

  8. Erase unnecessary lines and add small random strokes on the spider’s abdomen.

  9. Color the drawing.

Method Three: A Tarantula

  1. Draw semi-circle for the abdomen.

  2. Draw smaller semi-circle for the head.

  3. Draw two ovals on the head for the mouth.

  4. Draw a series of ovals for the palp of the tarantula.

  5. Draw the feet using a combination of lines and curves.

  6. Add ovals on the feet of the tarantula.

  7. Based on the outline, draw the main parts of the tarantula.

  8. Draw the eyes by placing eight dots on the head and add hair all over the tarantula

  9. Erase the unnecessary outlines.

  10. Color your tarantula!

Method Four: A Black Widow Spider

  1. Draw a big oval for the abdomen followed by a smaller oval for the head.

  2. Draw the four pairs of line combinations for the feet.

  3. Draw the two triangles on the abdomen for the “hourglass” on the spider .

  4. Draw eight dots for the eyes and two sharp lines for the mouth.

  5. Based on the outline, draw the main parts of the black widow spider.

  6. Erase the unnecessary outlines.

  7. Color your black widow spider!

Edit Things You’ll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser gum
  • Colored pencils, crayons, markers or watercolors

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